About Us 

Like military boot camps, treatment within our camps for troubled teens involves a lot of outdoor physical activity.

The strenuous work and outdoor physical activity helps the teens boost a self-esteem, and adjust his/her attitude.
 Being a teenager these days can be hard, and being the parent of a troubled teen even more so. For teens suffering from depression, displaced anger, low self esteem or drug use, AFCC can provide the necessary structure to change negative behavior and thinking.

AFCC offer teens a fresh start during difficult times.
At AFCC, the cadets are surrounded by their peers and kept busy with lots of outdoor physical activity.

For teens used to spending the day in front of a computer, AFCC offers new and life-changing activities and experiences.
 For some, it’s the first opportunity to discover their true abilities and be the best they can be.
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Our youth camps are set up to use structure and discipline to help teens learn the values of:
 respect, honesty, responsibility, and obediance.

Our participants within our Youth camp are called Cadets and are led by a drill sergeant who holds them accountable for mistakes and is responsible for disciplining poor behavior.
At AFCC we believe in our 3 step program.
Our 3 step program consists of the following

Step 1. Breaking the Cadet down.
-by breaking down cadet both physically and mentally
it gives the cadet the opportunity to reflect where and what he/she is doing wrong. 
It gives them a chance to realize that they are taking for granted what they have at home.

Step 2. Building the cadet back up.
-We build our cadets back up by showing them different ways of accomplishing things in life.
Our main goal of step 2 is to help them build a self esteem,
by Encouraging the Cadets to value him or herself, to learn how to value their strentghs, and to overcome obstacles in life.

Step 3. "We are here for You"
-It is our mission to let the cadets know that they always have someone
to trust and depend on. We at AFCC understand that every teen have issues they go thru, and at times they seek private advice. Our role is go play as trusted counselor and mentors in which the cadets can depend on.