AFCC about face cadet corps 
     Does your child / teen struggle with the following?
  •           -  Poor choice of friends
  •           - Stealing money from you
  •           - School Problems (Poor Grades,     
  •                      Suspensions)
  •           - Drug and (or) Alcohol abuse
  •           - "I hate you," attitude
  •               -  Plays the victim
  •           - Anger management
  •           - Disrespectful
  •           - Frequently lying and cursing
  •           - Abrupt changes in personality
  •           - Defiance toward authority
  •           - Suicidal thoughts
                                     We can help!
    Our Youth camp program is a military-style
    institution for defiant and disrespectful teens who have a problem with authority.
    They learn discipline and structure through military exercises, and rigorous physical training.

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    The mentorship component of AFCC program will guide the students towards a path that would lead to higher education. Through this program, students will be taught self discipline and confidence through drills that combine verbal motivation and military style-training.
    -Changing One Life at a Time-